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Basic Travel Set (1 Adjustable Coat Coverall + 1 Re-usable Pro Face Cover ) (Men - XS | S | M) ( Women - S | M | L)

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Trusted by Indian Cricket Team, Jean-Claude Biguine Salon and many more

Why it is called Adjustable Coat?

Adjustable coat comes with Double Zipper closing and Twill tape Around the waist Area which provides a flexibility to adjust the desirable waist size  

Adjustable coat can be used whenever

  1. You’re stepping out of the house
  2. Traveling Long distance
  3. Going to Work/Grocery shopping
  4. Trekking/Hiking
  5. Outdoor Activities

Just wear it over your garments as a second layer and feel more confident while keeping your style quotient intact

Where to use

  1. Office, gym, malls, airports, restaurants, and clubs, etc.
  2. While traveling on public transport.

Suitable For: Adults (Unisex)

Other Utility

  1. Windcheater
  2. Raincoat
  3. Zip-Front Track Jacket
  4. Wind Proof Jacket
  5. Bike Riding Jacket 


  1. Hand washable up to 30 washes
  2. SITRA Certified Fabric
  3. Fashionable, utility and safety
  4. Synthetic blood penetration for over 3psi for 120 seconds
  5. Liquid resistance for over 200cm
  6. Utility pockets for storing valuables
  7. Adjustable sizes for comfortable fitting
  8. Water Repellent
  9. Lightweight
  10. Breathability

Adjustable Coat by FEARLESS FASHION as the name suggests Fearless Fashion provides a range of Fashionable and Utility coveralls made from Breathable SITRA certified fabric (which is also used in reusable PPEs for health workers) to protect ourselves from coming in contact with external germs and viruses in a more efficient way.

These products are designed with great utility features, hence making it feasible to wear while traveling, commuting in public transports, or attending social gatherings.


  • Zero Risque Re-usable Face Masks are treated with Heiq Viroblock NPJ03: It is a special combination of advanced silver & vesicle technology that has been proven effective against germs like bacteria & viruses
  • Particle Filtration Efficiency: that helps filter more than 92% of the particles at 0.3 microns (which is 95% for N95) as per the test method ASTM F2299/F2299M-03 (2010)
  • Bacteria Filtration Efficiency: that helps filter more than 96% of the bacteria (which is 95% for N95) as per the test method ASTM F 2101.
  • Great Breathability: The masks provide great breathability.
  • Heiq Viroblock treated Antimicrobial mask carrier pouch: Allows to carry the mask safely. It ensures that the mask is protected inside the pouch and is not directly exposed to microbes
  • Water repellent & splash resistant: The mask construction & treatment makes it water repellent & splash resistant. Hence protecting from getting dirty & soiled even after wearing for long period.
  • Dermatologically tested chemical treatment: Heiq Viroblock NPJ03 is US EPA registered, EU BPR & EU REACH compliant. This ensures that it is safe and harmless to skin & body.
  • Unique Design that is proprietary property of Kamadgiri Fashion Limited: The mask provides utmost comfort to the wearer even after wearing for long duration. Its unique ergonomics allows increased comfort & protection. The combination of mask & headband ensures that there is no discomfort behind ears even after wearing for long duration
  • 1 Zero Risque mask can last upto 5 months !
  • 1 Zero Risque mask replaces 180 conventional masks 

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